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Code signing certificates

Software massive downloads help digital virus to spread.
To protect webusers, software developers have to be known.

Digital certificates developed by Microsoft and Sun enable developers to sign their work.

When a webuser's downloding a software, a dialogue box appears that gives information about the developer.

Unknown developer - no developer certificate
Unknown developer
Known developer - valid developer certificate
Known developer

That way he can decide whether to download the application or not.That kind of certificate is issued by DigiCert.

DigiCert Code Signing certificate

DigiCert Code Signing
Encipherment --
Price £401
Average delivery time (1) 3 business days
Warranty -
Free reissue Lifetime
Money back guarantee --
  • DigiCert Code Signing
    • DigiCert Code Signing

      Recognized by 94.5% of web browsers
      Unlimited number of signables components
      Standards: X509v3, Microsoft Authenticode, JDK (java), driver Microsoft, Windows 8, WinRT
      Free lifetime reissuance
      Delivered within 3 business days

(1): Indicative delivery times that can be impacted by occasional disruptions. Consult the up-to-date situation of each supplier

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DigiCert SSL certificates
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