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Consult here the DigiCert certificates prices.
Our prices are in GBP, VAT-less and order-time payment. Find more about payment options in "Payment facilities".

The prices below apply for a unique certificate purchase, preferential prices apply for volume purchases. Learn more from our sales department.

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Products Certificate lifetime First purchase & Renewal Additional SAN Additional wildcard SAN
DigiCert SSL Securedelivered along with its Safe Site 1 year £233 £155 £1 762 buy
2 years (plan) £372 £271 £3 083 buy
DigiCert SSL Secure Site Prodelivered along with its Safe Site 1 year £539 £402 £5 220 buy
2 years (plan) £862 £704 £9 135 buy
DigiCert Secure Site EVdelivered along with its Safe Site 1 year £539 £510 - buy
2 years (plan) £862 £862 - buy
DigiCert Secure Site Pro EVdelivered along with its Safe Site 1 year £809 £799 - buy
2 years (plan) £1 345 £1 345 - buy
Code Signing
1 year £401 - - buy
2 years £701 - - buy
3 years £999 - - buy

Please consult our general sales terms before placing an order for a DigiCert certificate.

Our prices can be modified anytime without notice.

An order can be canceled as long as the certificate has not been delivered. A cancelation will lead to a refund of the paid price minus 10% fees (for administrative work) for 3-factor certificates and minus 30% fees for EV certificates. The guidance option can not be cancelled.

You'll be refunded in the form of a credit note coupon that will be usable on your orders to come. Any coupon refund must be sent by Email with your bank account details.

Once delivered, a certificate (DigiCert Developer excepted) can be cancelled and be refunded according to our "money back garantee" during 30 days. Beyond that period, the certificates won't be replaced nor exchanged.

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